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Toby Southan

A former coach builder, the practice which involves the design and manufacturing of vehicles.


"Turning towards art felt more like natural progression. There’s no real future in the business side of my skill set, the economic climate has made that clear. It’s near impossible with the high time preference of todays consumers & business’. A skill set that takes almost a decade to become competent in, to design and build freely at a professional standard.


For someone who has always had more of an interest in the creative, design and imaginative side - the thread that stitches ideas together. The vehicles themselves were never the core interest or motive for the skill. I had always felt it was limited by niche car builders, consuming the exhausted pool of skill that could be utilised for much more imaginative and exquisite pieces. Where the skill could truly thrive and be appreciated. 


Knowing this isn’t a traditional practice for art, I had to do it off my own back. So I saved up, I put all my different skills and experiences over the last decade or so to work under the blanket of Southan Industries. A place for the future of this practice." 

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