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Stupid png.png

Sensible is the New Stupid, an upgraded turtle soaring at approximately 10ft high. At his core he stands for hope, a spin off from the story, The Hare and the Tortoise. If the hare wouldn’t have been arrogant and took a nap, he might have still won. Making the moral of the story irrelevant.


Being sensible in our countries current climate is an equal risk as being stupid. Therefore taking risks - or being short sighted and “stupid” seems to be the much smarter, or at-least beneficial way of living. In this case, you may as well be the hare… and so the turtle has been upgraded with two big ass HYPER DRIVES, and a HYPER CAN to counter this, suggesting hope… for what is for you to decide. 


HYPER DRIVE 4000 is the all new Southan Industries development, much smaller than the previous drives, but packs a bigger punch. The HYPER DRIVE 4000 is the evolution from the Hyper Drives installed onto the Sensible Is The New Stupid Turtle. 


Lubber Wheel, celebrating the clumsy things people do for their love of the motorised wheel(s). “Bloody wheel lubbers!!” 


I’ve seen and done a lot of daft things over the years with people and their emotional attachment to their vehicles. I’ve always been on the sour end of it, so I’ll never truly understand, and vice versa. I think they’ve just watched too much Top Gear. 

The mix of biological and mechanical features of the sculpture suggest how emotions get so intertwined, almost becoming a burden on each other... he’s clumsy, but he doesn’t care.


So this is Southan Industries way of saying “so long and thanks for all the fish”.

IMG_0655 3_edited.jpg

ICU is a twist on our technology’s cameras always watching us. You see me, I C U. The little hat is to bring back a light hearted comedic feeling towards a typically dark subject. 


Hyper Can

HYPER CAN is inspired by the Barcelona skate culture. The vibrant city is an important pilgrimage for skaters. If you look around you'll see tons of skate boarders all drinking 330ml cans of beer. My theory is, much like red bull gives you wings, a can of beer gives you a hyper boost of confidence. SEND IT!

Besides that, who doesn't enjoy a good old fashioned can of beer?!


KING. I wanted to capture the smooth, flowing, yet tall and proud features of a King Cobra. For a relatively small creature, the Cobra has such an intimidating presence.


I aimed for the piece to stand in a small space, but feel as though it has a large presence in the room. Just as a King would. 

Scorpion Blue Print

Scorpion SI-3002 is an inter-dimensional freighter. The design is heavily influenced by a Scorpion. Packed with two trusty HYPER DRIVE 3002's and the 74th edition QUANTUM DRIVE, allowing the vehicle to move through space and time in a split second.



HYPER DUCK, an upgraded duck with a HYPER DRIVE 3002 rammed up his ass. This Duck does not mess about, he has no time for your crumbs. He’s after the full farm house loaf. Three per hour to be exact.


Sea Wasp, I wanted the Sea Wasp to capture the dominant and sharp features of the shark, squid and wasp. All masters of their habitat and extremely successful predators. Created using skills, ingenuity and material that has enabled human kind to do the same.


The Super Villains Choice Award Winner. No real surprise as it devoured all of the other contestants!


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